"I will fight this forever, and in my greatest moment I will return to have my revenge! This cannot be and I will not do this! I will not! I will-"
— AvaKai's last words

AvaKai is a 3 day old cloned male Zora who is  a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony. Created by stache19 he is a flawed clone of Kaimu Kotaro created by Sirius Fulmaren.


Kaimu believes himself to be the same as the original. He is however merely a clone, made out of the souls and bodies of many different individuals.


Dead, turned into The Dragon Mask.


Patience and wisdom of the elderly, agility of the young, and the combined underwater and above water hand to hand combat training of his Zora people. As all of his seafaring Zora brethren, he can generate a weak electrical field, but not for unlimited periods of time. Naturally occurring spiked armor down his spine.


Kaimu must get back in the water eventually. He can survive for very long periods on land, but ultimately does need to at least soak for a few minutes. He has no weapons training to speak of, and is unsurprisingly sensitive to fire.




Kaimu once resembled the common Zora, though with his own unique tattoo patterns to reflect his position of leadership within his clan. Now, having absorbed the memories of Ithan Chiaria and Davus Fulmen, along with a tiny fraction of Fulmen's power, Kaimu appears demonic. Short rough spines protrude from his back, murderous war tattoos paint his body, and his fins have grown into fiendishly curved blades, capable of making even the most trusting question his intentions. His left arm has been ripped entirely off and lost thanks to battle damage and his face is heavily scarred.


Kaimu, while once capable of being a strong, caring, authority figure, now languishes between two worlds of the mind. Believing to be possessed by the dark soul of a long dead mage response for his clan’s destruction, Kaimu finds himself violent and dangerous one moment, and then suddenly kind and trustworthy the next. While he still holds the memories of his past dear, each minute that passes pushes him further and further into a new kind of existence. He will always try to befriend you if he can, but the bloodthirst within makes turning your back on him the most dangerous mistake you could make.

Timeline of Major Events

Day 1-3 Kaimu found himself struggling with control over his own body and mind, as he fought internal battles with the voices in his head. On Day 3 he found himself transformed fully into a dragon, and compelled to go to the Arctic North. There he battled with Taden Horwendil, and through his own memories he realized he was nothing more than a clone of the original Kaimu. Sirius Fulmaren created him. Kaimu was slain by Taden and his soul was forced to become the Dragon Mask.