Weight- 100 lbs, Height- 48" tall, Age- The Subrosian's have always kept their ages secret.


A common ore known in Subrosia, maps of the underground, an extra cloak (scarlet), a shovel, and a funny blue-looking gem he found near a mining camp.


Darkness, "Ninja-like", Natural "Magic" Powers, and the ability to conserve energy.


Cold, Water, Enduring bright light.


An interesting tidbit about Subrosia, when you break it down it becomes Sub rosa or "underneath the rose" in Latin. In ancient times a rose over a doorway signified that a secret meeting was taking place. The name Subrosia literally means "secret place" and Subrosian "secretive person". In legends of the world above, Subrosians were seen as the high guards among the important people of the land. (actual race in zelda: Subrosian)

Bennu has been forced to mine the ancient ore among the darkness of Subrosia. Every day was the same as before, growing older one after the other. Throughout the generations, many Subrosians have attempted to escape Subrosia, the land of the burning. For years, many rebelled against the high council and monarchy that was controlling their every action. Legend has it, that a Subrosian had escaped through a small self built mine shaft. The escape of the small Subrosian caused an earthquake among the dark caves. When others started figuring out what had caused this tremor, they became driven by hope to escape the darkness that they have called home since the beginning. Through all of the persistence and pain, not one Subrosian prevailed. Throughout the years, Bennu, the small Subrosian, began to discovered an amazing gift that no Subrosian had ever before dreamed of. With rest and concentration, Bennu discovered a way of conserving his energy to use it later on. Out of fear, Bennu kept this a secret to himself and shared with not even the closest of Subrosians. After much practice, and wise budgeting of energy, a legend re-accured in the land of the unknown. A bright light flooded his room and stunned him. He could not think properly as he was in great shock. His body frozen in place from the cold air quickly filling his room. After hours of being confused, he finally managed to find himself. He could now properly think and feel. He then used his remaining energy to assist him in his ascent to the land he knew not of. Where a dark sky with white specks covered the land. Bennu now lives among a dark forest in the land, just waiting.