"Where am I? What’s going on? Oh god, Am I dead? I told you this was stupid!"
— Bernard Kotaro

Bernard Kotaro Kondoru is a 30 year old male Zora, reborn into the genetically engineered Kondoru Psychic Zora clan. He retains all his memories from his previous mortal and spiritual lives.


Bernard was a young hatchling born in the year AD-1185. When the rest of his tribe was killed by Davus Fulmen, he became the last living Kotaro aside from his uncle Kaimu. Kaimu brought the young Bernard to Zora’s Domain, where he was adopted into the tribe. He was visited by Kaimu on several occasions, but the two were never close. At age 15 he became the Banner Boy for the Zora Army based in Lake Flora. He marched into the Battle of Disharmony, where the Zora quickly found themselves trapped by Hylian Forces.

Bernard was killed in battle, but not before something extraordinary happened. Just before his death Bernard had stumbled across Sirius’ Lunar Notebook, which thanks to Morton Waypost now had the ability to house the souls of the dead. Upon picking up his notebook, Sirius discovered Bernard’s soul trapped within. The former banner barrier was now stuck in a meta-physical realm known as the Library of the Lunar Solstice. With the young Zora unable to leave Sirius forced him to become his new research jockey.

History of Travel

Bernard has acted as a Narrator for Epoch at times, implying that his soul has survived many Eras.

After his death and imprisonment in Sirius Lunar Notebook, Bernard spent hundreds of years within it. The Notebook itself first stayed with Sirius Fulmaren, then briefly traveled with the clone Avarius Fulmaren, before being sent to Severa Fulmaren. However, when Severa Fulmaren was in the Future Laboratory during the events at The Vault, the Lunar Notebook was returned to Sirius, along with Bernard.

Specifics on Bernard are not clear beyond this. He seems to have been with Sirius for all of the time following his brief journey with Severa, and sometime prior to 2078, Sirius was able to separate Bernard's soul from the Library and reinsert it into a batch of Zora eggs he had been cultivating/raising. He was reborn as Bernard Kotaro Kondoru, one of the 30 Kondoru Psychic Zora Clan Members.


Can scan targets, look up information, and write things down in Sirius' Lunar Notebook. Can appear outside the book as a ghost.


Previously carried a banner. Now unarmed.


Looks similar to other costal Zora of his age. When outside his notebook he appears as a transparent blue ghost.


Bernard is a sarcastic youth who isn’t afraid to call people out or make fun of them. Bernard hates Sirius, but since he can’t leave from his notebook has no choice but to begrudgingly help him.