Cirdan Mithrandir is a 23 Year Old Male Hylian created by Silverslate.


Incredible physical strength, skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


Due to bad knees he cannot run or swim.


During his travels, he stole Iron Gauntlets, magically enhancing his strength, with the consequence of painfully fusing to his arms.


Think Ezio from Assassin's Creed, but he has a more square jaw, and no hood. He incessantly places his hand upon his chin, making him look like he's thinking whenever he's not using his hands.


He is quiet and intimidating in appearance, though his head usually seems to be in the clouds. He is kind and almost brotherly to others, but no one knows if this is a front for when he needs to hurt others to attain his goal.


When he was merely a teenager, he left home, promising his parents he could make something of himself. This ambition seemed to be met with nothing but failure when he played by the laws of society, for the youth soon turned to criminal acts to achieve certain goals. He was most recently subdued when he was caught trying to feed a starving family, by using gold stolen from one of Castle Town's nobles. He's currently in chains on a cart, on his way to Castle Town prison. Despite his great strength, he oddly does not struggle...

Timeline of Major Events

Day 1-2 Summary Cirdan is transported by prison wagon to the dungeons of Hyrule Castle. He makes use of his time in the wagon to try and speak to the man with him. He asks what got the man arrested before realizing that he has an odd characteristic about him; wings.

Day 3 Summary Cirdan is sentenced to death by the manipulations of Stewart Von Jarl, a corrupt millionaire who he had previously stolen from. Cirdan is supposedly executed in a public display at Hyrule Castle. In reality he used his magical amulet's shapeshifting powers to create an imposter.

Day 4-6 Summary Cirdan remained hidden in Hyrule Castle's dungeons.

Day 7 Summary Kourtz bursts into Cirdan’s cell in the dungeons, warning him that a bomb is about to go off. Ciridan takes cover underground with Kourtz as the explosion happens. When both emerge from the ground alive they find Gli in the burnt out cell with them. Together the three escape the dungeons and Kourtz goes his separate way. Gli questions Ciradan why he is still alive and he explains how he used his magical amulet to create an imposter. Gli leaves behind Cirdan after learning of the amulet's shapeshifting powers. Cirdan is then found by castle guards and drafted into the Hyrulean army.