The Hyruleian Trust Crisis was a 4-Day confrontation and period of high tension between the Human population of Hyrule on one side, and the native surface tribes on the other. It began on Day Zero in the year 1200 when the Hyruleian Trust Key in Hyrule Castle was stolen by Majin Kotage. The crises brought up the prospect of a civil war between the Human and Non-human tribes of Hyrule. Over the course of 4 days a series of small scale skirmishes between these factions gradually escalated until the Zora and Goron trust keys were stolen by Hylian agents on Night 3. This eventually lead to the Epoch War.


The origin of the Hyruleian Trust Crises can be traced back over 150 years to the founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule. After millennia of absence from their ancestral homeland, the Hylian Tribe began returning from their haven of Skyloft in large numbers following the defeat of the last known demon lord Girihiam. Though tension between the surface tribes and these new immigrants from Skyloft existed at the time the situation was defused by Zelda the First. After 50 years of mass migration to the surface, Zelda would go on to establish the Kingdom of Hyrule, which was the first government to unite all of the continents tribes in over 1000 years.

However the founding of Hyrule had another objective besides simply uniting the tribes. In the deserts to the east a mysterious element known as the timeshift stones were discovered. Left over by an ancient civilization that had gone extinct timeshift stones were a major power source that could even allow travel through the passage of time. If the stones ever fell into the wrong hands the effects could be catastrophic and irreversible.

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle

Alliances of the Three Kings

Castle Town Massacre

Battle of Kakariko Village

Infiltration of Zora's Domain

Theft of the Goron Trust

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