Zora Guard: "I don't know how they gained entrance to the cave my liege, but..."
Tiburon: "They did. The how matters not. The why is perfectly clear. Dromand has lost his key and he wishes to replace it with mine."
―Zora Guard to King Tiburon
The Infiltration of Zora's Domain was a pivotal event in the Hyruleian Trust Crisis that occurred on Epoch Night 3. The full text of the original posts composing the skirmish can be found here. The event witnessed a raid conducted by King Dromand's Secret Agents against the Zora Tribe that lead to the successful theft of the Zora Trust Key. The start of the infiltration began that afternoon when Hyruleian special agents Tarah Vass, Shinsou no Ten, Leif, and Kourtz were tasked with a secret mission by Impa. Under the false pretext that King Tiburon was responsible for the theft of the Hylian's Trust Key, and that he was close to obtaining the Goron key, the agents were sent into Zora’s Domain to take possession of the tribes Trust as a contingency plan.

While the operation was originally intended to proceed bloodlessly through use of stealth, the four agents were discovered before they could break into the Trust’s resting place in the Pre-Frozen Ice Cavern. The agents were surrounded in a large cave and ordered to surrender, but the awakening of several monsters in the caverns allowed the band of Hyruleians to fight off the Zora in a three way battle. In the climax of the skirmish the agents managed to single-handedly fight off a massive rabid River Zora that served as the Zora Trusts guardian. The key now in their possession the four escaped the Ice Cavern using Shinsou’s earth magic and headed down Zora’s River unopposed.

There in Hyrule Field they rested for the night and prepared to march to Hyrule Castle and present the stolen trust to King Dromand. Though successful, the Infiltration of Zora's Domain would have dire consequences for all the people of Hyrule. The event caused King Tiburon of the Zora to declare war against the Kingdom of Hyrule. The next day Tiburon ordered 200 of his finest men commanded by Lieutenant Mako to drive deep into Hylian territory and retrieve the stolen trust, directly leading to the Battle of Disharmony, and the subsequent Epoch War. Template:EODENav