The Legend of Zelda: The Interloper War (often shortened to Interloper War or IW) is a text based roleplaying game in the ZRPG Series. Started by DrEvilGenius in 2009, The Interloper War was GM'd by DrEvilGenius, Link64Gogetta, and tristandark. Hosted on the IGN Zelda Board the RPG is divided into three seasons making it by far the longest-running RP in ZRPG history. The Interloper War serves as a prequel to the canon Zelda game Twilight Princess, explaining how the Twili were sealed away in the Twilight Realm.

Hundreds of years before the rise of Link, Zant and Midna a race of shadowy beings hailing from a faraway Kingdom launch a suprise invasion of Hyrule. Calling themselves the Twili these dark interlopers advance further and further into Hyrule, threatening the land and the sacred treasures they hold. The invasion is lead by Lord Grem, a powerful Twili who plots to use the souls of the dead to take possession of the almighty Triforce. Players are tasked with the job of either defending Hyrule or conquering it with the Twili.


The Interloper War began as the 12th RP and ran for two seasons. In 2012 it was put on temporary hiatus while the 13th RP, Epoch of Disharmony, commenced. Season Three of Interloper War, is scheduled to commence sometime in early 2015. While chronologically following the previous two seasons, Season 3 is considered the 14th RPG in the series. This is because there is a large amount of time (6 months) between Seasons 2 and 3, rather than a matter of hours or days as is usually the case.


I.) Six Months Later Part I

  • The first half the character introduction/reintroduction.

II.) Six Months Later Part II

  • The second half of character introduction/reintroduction.

III.) Gathering Forces

  • Picking Up the Pieces
    • Darrel and Jaden assess their strength, welcome some new members to their forces, and prepare to assault the Twili in the desert.
  • Out on the Fringes
    • Rhendil Hearst story in the desert.
  • Echoes of Epoch
    • Zephyra Ryssdal Desert Story, and Stella story.
  • Ordon Assault
    • Ayala's aids in evacuating Ordon after parting ways with Darrel and company.

IV.) In Ruins Wake Part I

  • It's Always Castle Town
    • Morton heads towards castle town while a gathering of others head towards a confrontation within its remnants.
  • Red Death
    • Polaris Returns from the Epoch Era
  • Princes of Trouble
    • Prince, unsurprisingly, is out to cause mischief.

V.) Forgotten

VI.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part I

VII.) In Ruins Wake Part II

  • Unnatural Gathering
    • Davus joins the party.
  • Their Demons
    • Sirius gains control of his body, casting out the Morton persona. The group prepares to part ways. Prince unleashes his Zombie horde.
  • Reversal of Fortunes
    • Sirius goes under Davus' control. The HCT group splits up, with one faction headed towards the Lake Battle.
  • Still At Castle Town
    • Tobias Be Chillin'

VIII.) Dry Run

  • Sneak Attack
    • Darrel and Jadens forces assault the Twili Desert Encampment in a surprise attack.
  • Betrayal
    • Jeskai is a dick.
  • Out of Time
    • Ella escapes prison. The desert staging area fight continues.
  • Never Truly Free
    • Jeskai is captured. Darrels group will soon be free of the desert battle. Horus is trapped in his own mind. Nothing is free.

IX.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part II

X.) Lab Experiments

  • Self Doubt
    • Davus heads towards the southern forest while questioning his existence.
  • It's Back
    • The Lab Returns
  • Lab Adventures Begins
    • Taden, Lynn, Chamdar, and Sirius all go on a fun jaunt through his self repairing lab.

XI.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part III

  • Collision Course
    • The Desert and Lake groups edge closer to collision with one another.
  • Two Become One
    • The Desert and Lake groups collide at last into one chaotic frenzy.

XII.) Grem's Approach

XIII.) Mad Science

XIV.) Breaking Point Part I

  • The Last Refuge
    • The battered forces of light retreat to find a safe place to rest and recover from the battle.
  • Licking Their Wounds
    • The forces of light congregate in Hidden Kakariko to tend their wounds.

XV.) Another World

  • Help From Afar
    • Severa embarks on her second journey through the multiverse, this time with a focused goal of stopping her mother Vera.
  • Course Correction
    • Severa is forced to abandon a world that is doomed to defeat at Vera's hand. She ends up in a crossroads of realities, and speaks with a future version of Lia Chiaria.
  • One Last Trick
    • Sirius does the right thing, and releases Bernard to the afterlife, but Bernard takes revenge immediately, releasing the prison locks on Ratnis' pocket dimension cell.

XVI.) Breaking Point Part II

  • The Gathering
    • Though still recovering, the major voices of the light resistance call together for a meeting.
  • Order of the Sword
    • The light resistance discuss plans to forge the Sword of Sunrise.

XVII.) To Be Whole Again

XVIII.) Stalling For Time

  • Purging the Darkness
    • Polaris gets baptized.
  • Embracing Madness
    • Kae delves into madness.
  • Drown Your Sorrows
    • Drinks are had at the nearby pub while waiting to depart. Eventually Lia drunkenly opens a portal to the desert and wanders off, forcing the rest of the desert team to follow.

XIX.) Tides of Destruction

  • I'm Not Dead Yet
    • Tobias is still around. He found Quell's old Reaper Tuner.
  • Zombie Assault
    • Kae continues her descent to madness while Chamdar, Ayala and others defend HK from a Zombie Attack.
  • Winters Herald
    • Taden has arrived in Kakariko to kick ass and then kick more ass.

XX.) Hints of Sunrise

XXI.) Threads of Fate

XXII.) Whispers of Victory

XXIII.) The Last Stand

  • Loose Ends
    • Dangling threads are resolved.
  • Desperation
    • The forces of light make their final assault on Grem.
  • Acceptance
    • Heroes fall in service of a singular goal. Grem is defeated.

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