Name: Kale

Status: Inactive/Non Canon

Race: Hylian

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Strengths: He is good at close combat, stealthy, nimble, and quick.

Weaknesses: He is weak to heavy hitting enemies, and large weapons that can overpower him like long swords.

Equipment: Throwing daggers, knives that he keeps in sleeves, and a broken off lance. Cloaks for any environment.

Appearance: Medium to long dark hair, slightly disheveled, constantly wears a cloak with a hood, slender but sturdy build of medium height. He looks like he lives in the wilderness (because he generally does).

Personality: Very secretive and reclusive, rarely speaks, and brooding personality

Companions: N/A

Background: A wanderer, originally from Snowpeak, who keeps to himself. He makes his living selling wolfos pelts and other items from the north. He is also known to do just about any deed for the right price, and has built a reputation as an assassin in certain circles within Hyrule.

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