King Dromand is the sovereign monarch of Hyrule during the Epoch Era. He is a direct descendent of the living goddess Hylia and clams a devine right to rule. A younger man when he received the throne, Dromand is a capable if somewhat inexperienced king. He is still well liked among his subjects however and maintains a loyal following of servants, guards, and soldiers. He is said to receive visions of the future in his dreams. When King Dromand heard about the Theft of the Hylian Trust, he had his kingdom convinced the Zora tribe would use it as an excuse to start a war of independence.

He and Impa recruited secret agents to help him track down the trust keys thief, or at least help him bring in the other keys for protection if the original could not be found. Unbeknownst to the outside world however was that this was all a ruse. In reality Dromond was plotting to take hold of the Timeshift Stone Vault for himself, as he had Impa hire Majin to steal the first key in secret. What his motivations are and to what extent these dealings have gone on remains unknown.


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