"Centuries ago, led by an incredibly influential being called Demise, the Ma drove all who were capable of flight to the sky, where they remained for many years. Subjugating and dominating the surface dwellers and those unfortunate enough to remain here, the Ma were evil personified."
— Elizabeth Bryce to Alauth

Template:Infobox Group The Ma, also known among the common people of Hyrule as Demons, were a race of powerful beings that first appered in the Pre-Hylia era. They were monstrous entities who typically have malicious tendencies and hatred of humans, though this is not allways the case. The Ma could appear in a variety of different forms, ranging from mostly humanoid to compleatly monstrous. The Ma's usual form of government was monarchial. The leader of their race was known by the title of "Demon King", and lesser leaders held the title of "Demon Lord".

The precise origin of the Ma has been lost to history. Some say they came from a different dimension, while others claim they came from deep beneath the Earth. Regardless it is known that in the year BH-0010 the first Ma entered the ancient Hyrulean continent and launched a war of aggression against its people. In the 10 year long conflict known to future generations as the Demon War, the Ma were lead by the Demon King Demise who sought to take the Triforce for his own. Despite the devastation brought on by the war, the Demons were eventually defeated by the forces of Hylia in the decisive Battle of the Sealed Grounds.

With their leader Demise sealed away, the few survivors of the battle were slowly hunted to near extinction by members of the Guardian Order. Despite the near successful attempt by Demon Lord Ghirahim to revive Demise the Ma never recovered their numbers or their dark influence in Hyrule. Never the less the few survivors of this race and the people loyal to them would continue to haunt the world for centuries to come, slowly biding their time in the shadows...

The Elemental Lords