5'11", 130lbs, elderly man with grey hair and blue eyes. Standard Hylian clothes though with some ornamentation denoting his rank and position. Has a blue and red ring (red on left blue on right) on each hand. Inventory

A large Hylian sword and bow, dark armor that lessens dark attacks, energy bucker he can use as a weapon


A brilliant strategist with years of experience. Skilled in both ranged and melee combat. His true from is that of an Oni but he's usually disguised as a Hylian.


His Hylian form has aged to the point where he need a cane to get around so he has to turn back into an Oni to fight. Unfortunately the need to keep the form a secret and the inconvenience of its size while indoor keep him from using it most of the time. Turning back into a Hylian causes a great deal of pain,

Background == All of the important info has been stated in story already. Though I'll note that he did reclaim the FD Mask and has not told anyway where he hid it. Even Seishi and Laynnei don't know and I doubt General Blade and the King know it exists.

He's the Chief Military Adviser to the King, basically the Secretary of Defense. As an since he's an NPC in such a high position I don't mind if he's motored by other but you should probably ask DEG before doing anything crazy. Those have been playing already should have a general idea who he'd act in a conversation so knock yourself out for all I care. For the new guys I just ask the you check with me first to prevent character derailment.

I figure this NPC will be in a lot of action, so I'll go ahead and post a bio.