He is covered head to two in black stonelike armor, he wears a cape that conceals everything from the neck down.


Magically enhanced twilight armor, it has the appearance of stone but is much harder than normal metal. He currently has the Circlet of Insight giving him a number of physic abilities, and the Gauntlets of Divinity allowing him to push and pull objects from a distance.


Ice magic, strong defense, can levitate.


His armor is so heavy it hinders his movement, his offense is pretty much purely magic based so if that could be negated he wouldn't be able to do much offensively.


A minion of the interlopers, he serves the darkness neither out of loyalty or ambition, he has lost everything he holds dear and wishes the rest of the world to share in his darkness.

Recieving orders from the Twili main force, Quell is given 6 special items that are intended to help the expeditionary force. The items include the Blade of Silence, Circlet of Insight, Sheild of Resonance, Beast's Urn, Phantom's Shackle, and Gauntlets of Divinity. Quell uses the weapons as he joins a fierce battle at castle town. During the fight Quell loses the Sheild of Resonance and the Phantom's Shackle, which are now in the rubble of castle town. Quell unleashes his full power to drop a large glacier on Castle Town. The light warriors band together to stop the total destruction of the city, but despite their efforts the damage is extensive.

After the battle Quell reports to the Twili expeditionary forces base camp and provides the Blade of Silence and the Beast's Urn to be distributed to the forces soldiers. He also provides new intelligence about the Light Warriors plans to create a magical weapon to defeat the invasion, while at the same time inadvertantly starting a rumor that a new legendary Hero has arrived to defeat the Twili. When the Scion of Nayru attacks the camp Quell joins the fray and forces her to overextend her powers. Before Quell can capture the Scion he is interupted by the reborn Hothnight, forcing Quell to withdraw. Quell is now analyzing the mutilated remains of the Scions severed arm to learn the secrets of her powers.