Rathon Boldstyre is a 27 year old male Stalfos who is a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony. Previously a Hylian he rose from the grave to seek revenge on the villagers who buried him alive years ago.


Discovered his power over the dead at the age of 7 while growing up in the Ordon Settlement and developed it during his early teens, at 15 he decided it was time to bring back a human but was discovered. The townspeople assumed he was possesed by a demon or some evil shit so sentenced him to death.He was buried alive but his passion for vengeance and death magic allowed him to stay alive as a Stalfos. He's spent 12 years slowly pushing himself out of the grave, located deep in Faron woods, which is where he starts the RP.


Capable of reanimating corpses and commanding them to fight on his behalf. I'm using Twilight Princess stalfos as my reference point so unless his bones are destroyed he can resurrect himself.


Explosives, heavy weaponry, anything which can break bones really. He's also untrained in combat so is fairly weak when alone.


Nothing to begin with. On Day 7 he acquired a Rapier from the remains of the Battle Of Disharmony and stole some valuables from a mogma stash.


A skeletal frame with an ornate cloak lined with dark red silk. Shorter than average as his body is essentially stuck in it's teens due to his premature death at 15 years old and the resulting lack of growth since then.


Apathetic, cold and pretty much empty inside. Lost most of his personality during the 12 years he spent pulling himself out of his grave and all that remains is his desire for vengeance.